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Auckland’s first choice for quality screenprinting

Screenprinting is a cost effective way of printing onto any type of material in any quantity, colour or size.


Whatever your project or business requirements, you can be assured that our extensive knowledge will assist you in creating the perfect end result. Our fully trained and experienced staff are more than happy to give you helpful suggestions along the way, and are fully committed to understanding your needs.


At Signs n Stuff, we believe that no matter how small the timeframe, quality will never be compromised. It doesn’t make a difference whether the job is extensive - involving large print numbers, or minimal - involving smaller runs, we believe in paying attention to every detail on every piece of work we produce.

Cost effective

Signs n Stuff are of the belief that quality craftsmanship shouldn’t have to cost the earth. When you contact us to arrange an estimate or quote, you will find our rates both cost effective and reasonable.
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